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Computer Tune-up - Aurora, Ontario

Aurora, Newmarket, Oak Ridges - York Region Computer Tune-up

Speed up your computer and prevent online threats with MIB’s Enhanced Computer Security and Optimization Tune-up.

Unlike other computer services MIB Computers offers a maintenance computer tune-up that is superior and far more in depth. What also makes our tune-up different from everyone else is that we take measures to ensure your computer has the latest tools in the fight against online threats in addition to (locking down) securing your operating system. We will also remove anything slowing your computer down from the moment it starts. Developed through dozens of industry standard security computer books and countless hours of research our 75-point Computer Tune-up Service covers all aspects a computers security and performance. You can feel confident knowing that your computer is secure from hackers, viruses, and other online threats and is also guaranteed to perform faster more efficiently then the day you brought it home. For more information on online threats visit our Understanding Online Threats page.

Miles ahead of the competition – we have the most comprehensive and in depth computer tune-up in Ontario!

Computer Tune-up Features:

  • Installation of the latest software in defense against online threats
  • Disabling of unused services and features
  • Dozens of registry editing for faster performance
  • Eliminate all spyware, adware, unwanted cookies, etc.
  • Boost system start-up through disabling programs
  • Tweaking of virtual memory
  • Firewall and router security configuration
  • Wireless security configuration
  • Installation of maintenance tools
  • Advanced application and registry cleaning
  • Speed up searching for files
  • Reduce Windows graphics affects for better performance
  • Prevent remote assistance and remote desktop sharing
  • Disable unused devices
  • Configure the BIOS for optimal performance
  • Automatically stop tasks on shutdown
  • Stop the Memory Caching of DLLS
  • and, much, much more!

Get equipped with the same industry standard anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-adware tools used by information security experts today.

It is important to know that there isn’t any computer in the world that is 100% secure. We can, however, take measures to ensure we’ve done everything possible to prevent our systems from being compromised. MIB’s Computer Tune-up Service offers superior protection, enhanced performance and most of all peace of mind.

Our Tune-up Service usually takes about an hour and a half (depending on your computers processor speed, ram, etc.)